Social Media Management

Social networks are our cardio!

We use social media to make an impact, make friends and be authentic. Can you imagine our social interactions without their presence? Hardly!

At Maktagg we create your customized social media plan taking into account your industry, your audience and your objectives. We define an appropriate action plan for each brand and we do not forget the most important thing: statistics. We are addicted to monthly reports!

Our social media management team, a team of lionesses who don’t mince words, is ready to raise your account in any way they can. ROAAARRR!

At Maktagg we create your customized social media plan.

Create the best community

We create your digital family with which you will get feedback from your brand and create loyal users. Let's rock it!

Increased sales

With valuable content, you will achieve real results through social media. In other words, sales! You love them and we love them. LET'S GO!

Web traffic through the roof

Social Media is an extension of your website. Why? Because with networks we manage to drive social traffic. Can you imagine an avalanche of people entering your website? Let's get going!

Launching SSR

We study in which social media your brand has to be in order to seduce your target audience wherever they are. Once ready, we define the brand image on social media And that’s it, we start planning all the content a month ahead of time.

Social media strategy

We develop a strategy focused on achieving your brand’s objectives. We study the competition, analyze your current communication and, based on this, we define a good action plan.

Content creation

We are a team of social media natives, we are up to date with trends and we create original and fresh content to make your brand be ON FIRE.

Community management

We manage social networks completely. The cell phone is just another extension of our body! We spend the day interacting with your users to make them fall in love with your business.

Analysis of results

And, as we already said, we are addicted to statistics! Every month we analyze the results with the aim of improving them and getting them going.

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    Frequently asked questions about social media management

    Social networks will NOT make you sell more. What will make you sell more will be what you do with them, with your website, with your audience, with your content. Saying that by having a profile on Instagram you are going to sell is like saying that by opening a retail store you are going to automatically have buyers.

    We’re not going to lie to you: social networks are a tool, not an end. However, if you know how to use this tool well…, you can multiply your sales. We are here to help you manage them and help you communicate with your potential customers in a way that translates into sales.

    Look around you. What do you do when you have finished your workday? What do you do while waiting for the subway? What do you do while you’re waiting for that coffee? People are on social media, let’s not deny it. If your company is not on the networks, you are missing out on a great opportunity to communicate with your potential customers, to reach them, to remind them that you exist.

    If the question is whether it is necessary to be on ALL social networks, the answer is no. You don’t need to be in ALL networks. But you do need to be on the networks where your target audience spends the most time, and offer them interesting content.

    We will analyze your project and your audience, and we will recommend what you should focus on and which social media strategy will make you succeed.

    If there were a single magic answer that would work for all projects, our job would be meaningless, don’t you think? 😉 The only magic here is that we get soaked with your project as much as you do, talk to your audience and, with a good analysis, know exactly what works best for you and your followers. Believe us, engagement is our specialty.

    Very simple! It is also called engagement, and it is the index that indicates the participation in a post(likes, comments, shared or saved) in relation to the number of times it has been viewed. To be clear, this is what tells you whether a publication is more or less liked. Blessed engagement!

    This is the million dollar question, but this is no exact science. We can’t guarantee you to gain X fammount of ollowers per month because it depends on sooooo many things… And whoever tells you otherwise, is lying!

    What we can guarantee is that you will win them, whether in one month, two or more, because we will work hard to make your brand reach as many people as possible, designing a perfect strategic plan for you.

    What do you want, 100, 500, 1000 followers? Don’t worry, you’ll get them. 😉 As they say: slowly but surely.

    Think about this: when do youlike a post? When you liked what you saw, it made you smile, it gave you something or you agree with the values conveyed. The way to get Likes is to communicate in a way that makes the user want to give you a positive response.

    The social media management team creates valuable content to keep your networks alive and on fire. 🔥

    We work with all of them: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin…

    We make publications, stories, reels, and create all your content with our monthly planning, so you can keep up to date with everything. Ah! Also, if you want, we respond to your comments and messages so you don’t have to worry about anything at all.

    It’s time to boost your digital marketing.