Have a clear idea of what you want to get and get it. There is nothing impossible.

The graphic design will save the world fair after Rock and Roll do it. — David Carson

We develop from conception to final application. A logo goes beyond and values of a product or a brand. We adapt the designs to different supports: Stationery, signage, lettering, etc.

The image of our company transferred 24h/365 days.
We realized a functional, intuitive, friendly and visual web design. We develop webs in different platforms, the one that best fits the functional and design requirements (WordPress, Magneto, Prestashop, custom CMS, ect) Responsive design adaptable to any device.


'Everything should be as simple as it is. But not simpler' Albert Einstein -

Our marketing service is focused on all those companies that require a support team, both strategically and operationally, either online or offline
We develop the marketing plan, online strategy, brand or product development and retail strategy.


Have you noticed that the cleverest of the school have not triumphed in life?



Do not wait to get another chance the one in your hands is the good one.

The one who knows thinking, but can not express what what he thinks. Is on the same level than that the one who can not think.. Pericles.

The time came to say. “If I want” Be prepared to communicate the values and benefits of companies and brands at the most expected moment. We must be speakers on all platforms and channels: Press, Social Media, Web, Radio and T.V


“We have to follow evolving the electric light does not come from the constant improvement of the candles” – Laurent Lenne

We know that brands must impact and therefore we believe in the ability of the prescribers to be able to disseminate values, products, services of the firms.
In Magtagg we have a network of influencers segmented by different sectors, to be able to give the perfect campaign to each firm. Launch of product, product review, presence at events. Beauty, Fashion, Retail, Sports, Real Estate, Leisure, Electronics


It’s not about knowing it`s about contacts.

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