Our Digital Marketing Services:

Want to take ( or have you already taken ) the leap into digital marketing to further increase your business’ sales?

So, someone who «knew something about the internet» had created a website for you and had told you that it was all set up and ready. But something is wrong…

Because it’s very little the number of people your site is reaching, and the very few that do make it to your site, leave before even getting to see your products.

Is what you’re offering not interesting enough? Or do they buy at your retail store but you can’t get them to do it online? And while the competitor’s cart is close to bursting, you are already thinking that this whole digital marketing thing is not worth it and that you’ve wasted the inversion.

Do not panic.

We can assure that digital marketing, if done properly, is most definitely worth it.

Many factors can be contributing to the fact that your cart is empty rather than full: technical, design, positioning…

It is about collecting and analyzing data to uncover opportunities for It’s all about gathering and analyzing all the data possible to find out the best opportunities to improve.

And no matter where they want to hide, they won’t slip out of the digital marketing services we, in Maktagg, have to offer for you.

Do you already know what digital services you need?


We adapt to your brand, we offer 360º services totally focused on what you need to see results.