We are

Maktagg is formed by people from different parts of the world with a common passion: digital marketing and design.

It was years ago, in the Mediterranean Barcelona, when by chance or by destiny we met for the first time. The project started during one of those typical informal conversations where people talk about anything and everything, amidst the clinking of plates and glasses in the restaurant. But as the minutes ticked by, the conversation became more and more focused on creating a marketing agency that was different from the ones that already existed:

One that places the customer in the spotlight One that spoke to you about YOU and that counted on you in everything we did.

Suddenly, one of the people present there, put their plate aside putting on a determined expression and asked: “Why not?”.

That’s when we all knew things were getting real. That, without eating or drinking, that dinner was going to end up being the first dinner of the newborn Maktagg. So we took a deep breath and decided to get our feet wet. We found the office and set it up to our liking, created our website and increased the staff to give you an incredible and unique service. We kept on learning, improving and growing.

Today there are many more of us than those who started in that restaurant in Barcelona.
So those of us who have been here since the beginning, when we look back to that first dinner, we realize something:

That was madness.

But it was the most sensible madness we’ve ever done.

Did you like it? Well, this is marketing!

Who is Maktagg?

Now, speaking “more seriously”, those who know us well know that we are creative with a touch of crazyness, fashion and meme lovers.

We are also multilingual, good vibes, pacifists, animal and plant lovers… One of those really cool combinations! Playing instruments is one of the few things we are not good at, but we do love singing. In fact, our Fridays are dedicated to Latin music, which even those who cliam they don’t like it end up humming along. If there’s one thing you can’t be missing at the office… it’s food! Sweet or savory, hot or cold, we can handle it all!

But don’t worry, because we also work, and we work a alot. We create and promote your brand, and we join you along the journey as it grows day by day. We love a good challenge!

Get to know us too and enjoy our good vibes!

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