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Improve your Google rankings with an SEO agency

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is what your business needs to position itself naturally and organically (without paying for ads) in the first results of Google.

At our digital marketing agency, expert SEO consultants will take care of improving the Google ranking of your pages by applying the right SEO strategies.

Start showing what people are looking for thanks to SEO

Why have an SEO expert in Barcelona?


We will find out for which search terms you rank in Google, the clicks to your pages and positions of your keywords. Find and attract qualified traffic to your website.

Improve your website

Your website will be ready for Google to position your pages as the most suitable for the user.
You deserve an error-free website.

Achieve sales

Regardless of whether you have an online store, a local business or both, your results can be multiplied. We are specialists in SEO for Ecommerce.

Barcelona SEO Agency

Let’s face it: ranking in Google (SEO) is a long-term job that depends largely on the whims (algorithms) of the search engine. However, leaving aside what the “brother-in-law who knows about SEO” may tell you, if you do things right, it is possible to rank on the first page of results.

Google rules, yes… but you have to know how to listen to it!

Boost your positioning in Google with our SEO agency in Barcelona

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SEO for Ecommerce

Are you really only devoting your efforts to social media and advertising for visits and sales? Change the chip: start positioning yourself in Google and you will get sales with strategies developed by expert SEO consultants.

SEO for Youtube

Make your YouTube videos more visible. Study your competition, choose your #hashtags properly and find out how to display your content to appear in the Top1.

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SEO Copywriting or SEO of Contents

In addition to expert consultants in Google positioning, we write content according to an objective to focus on searches and attract qualified traffic to your website. Convert visitors into leads and customers.

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Local SEO at Barcelona and all of Spain

Every day more and more people search for a product or service directly on Google Maps. We apply local SEO strategies for Barcelona or any other city in Spain, so you will be positioned in Google when someone searches for something and is near your business.

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Off page SEO: Linkbuilding Barcelona

The Backlink or External Link is one of the most important variables for Google when indexing sites. Obtain quality backlinks and outperform your competition in authority.

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Agencia Shopify Partner SEO en Barcelona, Madrid y España

Shopify SEO

In case you didn’t know, Shopify is succeding as a CMS for online stores. Wondering how to get the most out of it? The answer is to have SEO experts improve your Google ranking. Maktagg is one of the few official Shopify Expert agencies in Spain and we will advise you at all times.
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Google Adsense: SEO for niches

Monetize your blog or your content thanks to Adsense ads. We manage the entire process so you can make money while you sleep.

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    We help you with your positioning in Google

    SEO Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Keyword Research

    We analyze the visibility of your website, the keywords that are ALREADY positioning and the business opportunity you are losing by not working with keywords that have more searches or long tail keywords that can work well for your business. We make a list of opportunities and work with you on a strategy to make your website rank for the right keywords.

    2. SEO on page and Web architecture

    It is also known as SEO on site . We analyze web errors (we fix them all), the Pagerank of each URL, and we make sure that the web architecture is logical, coherent, clean, and organized according to the keywords.

    Technical SEO

    We perform the necessary actions so that the speed of your website is the most optimal (including optimization of images, server, cache, robots.txt and Sitemap, code cleaning …) and that your website is properly indexed.

    4. Blog and Content Marketing

    If your website is already set up and targeting the right keywords, it’s time to multiply your visits. We create with you a content strategy to attract qualified users: both for information searches and transactional searches (the ones that make you sell!).

    5. Linkbuilding

    If your website receives quality external links, your website will grow in authority (this is very important to rank well). We will work on both these external links(off page SEO) and internal links to further optimize Pagerank.

    Maybe you’ve done that thing where you search for the keyword you want to rank a page for in Google to see where it ranks. Although it is a way to do it, it is very rudimentary. SEO experts use different SEO tools that constantly report the position of a URL in the search engine.

    Google’s native tool is Google Search Console, although it only offers average positions for the keywords for which it ranks a page. However, there are tools external to Google with which to know the exact position, such as SemRush, Ahrefs or Dinorank, among others, where position changes are also observed, i.e. if a keyword goes up or down. In this way we can make decisions to improve the Google positioning of that page, or to measure the effectiveness of the actions taken.

    The advantage of hiring an SEO agency for a positioning service is the provable experience in different sectors thanks to the work done with our clients. If you’re wondering what a SEO expert does, the answer is simple: help you sell more.

    The other great advantages of working with Maktagg is that we make an SEO budget tailored to your business, and communication with other departments. So, for example, if you are also working on Newsletters, social networks, design needs or PPC campaigns, we will work all together and make sure that your whole strategy is coherent, with the same objective and, therefore, with better results.

    A SEO audit is a complete analysis of your website where all errors and factors that influence the positioning and opportunities to improve it are identified.

    An audit done by SEO experts becomes a detailed roadmap with which to work step by step to achieve more results.

    In our digital marketing agency we do not generate audits automatically (with two clicks and a tool) as other agencies do. We take the audit work very seriously: personalized, with detailed keys for improvement from day one. Because not all projects are the same, nor can all rules be applied equally, each project needs a different SEO work.

    If you want us to do a SEO audit for you, let’s talk!let’s talk!

    SEO requires a little more time than other marketing actions to see results. And patience. The results are not immediate, but they are very, very powerful. Appearing on the first page of Google without having to pay daily advertising is a great reward.

    To really start seeing results with SEO actions you may need a few months. But the good news is that generally those results, if done well, are sustained over time. If you are paying for advertising and suddenly stop doing so, you disappear from the map. Out. But if you have worked well on your website with a consultant and SEO expert, the results can be maintained even when you have not made any improvements for several months.

    As SEO consultants, we have a very clear answer: no.

    Black hat is a series of techniques that are considered “unethical” or that bypass search engine guidelines. We believe in the phrase “laugh now cry later“. We are aware that bypassing Google’s rules is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your website penalized, so our SEO actions are clean (White hat SEO).

    As for Google itself, providing value to the user is our main premise.

    Say “I do” to our
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    . Let’s have a coffee and talk about your project. We look forward to doing your audit and explaining how we can help you sell more.