Types of social networks: what are they and what are they for?

In the digital marketing plan of any brand, social networks play a key strategic role. Even so, its use should not be intuitive or random, but should be subjected to intense study to focus on maximizing its benefits and advantages.

The direct communication with customerssthat’s what social networks have brought to companies, and within the salad that already exists, each one fulfills a function different from the other. In this post we will talk about what are the most important types of social networks exist and those that can best serve you in your digital marketing strategy.


Social networks are divided into two types: vertical and horizontal. From this first classification, we can subdivide them by theme and purpose.

Vertical social networks

Vertical social networks are those that gather users around a specific topic or activity. Their specification makes them attractive to those who are fans of a particular subject and encourages, in turn, interaction among them. There are social networks that focus on athletics, dogs, hiking or even crochet!

Horizontal social networks

Horizontal networks include those social networks with heterogeneous themes, where there is room for a little bit of everything, and where the saying “variety is the spice of life” applies. Instagram or Facebook are examples of horizontal social networks, places where users share content of any kind, driven by personal interests or tastes.

Professional social networks

Vertical or horizontal, are those social networks whose purpose is to establish work-focused relationships. Personal promotion based on the exposure of a profile and resume, search for specific personnel of interest, cybernetic networking in which to promote business opportunities and union between different companies or projects.

Entertainment social networks

Unlike professional ones, entertainment social networks are leisure for leisure’s sake. They offer a window to disconnection (oxymoron) that offers an unfathomable amount of content.



Professional, very professional

This social network is the place to find and share talent. Beyond connecting you with professionals in your sector, on LinkedIn you can show the guts of your business. Articles, photos, videos or surveys that tell what you do and how you do it. Analysis and meditation on work, equipment and results. The platform for contacts and B2B.


A picture is worth more than 2200 characters

It is the most popular social network of all. Well used, it is a tool to show a brand philosophy, your good work, your expectations for the future or objectives. Creating reels, publishing photos in a carousel, are some of the best strategies to consolidate an attractive space for your potential clients, especially in those niches with more visual content: fashion, gastronomy, travel…


Your word against mine

The great value of Twitter is the direct communication between brand and customer. It is also a demanding place where reputation is constantly at stake and it will depend on your answers whether or not you come out of this challenge with flying colors. Interacting with critics, taking an interest in users’ problems, looking for quick and convincing solutions is especially valued.

Tik Tok

Don’t lose the trend

An unprejudiced space to the maximum. The place where you can leave formalities aside, here in your account everyone is in charge. Tik Tok generates a multitude of content where creativity is overflowing, companies can be close, fun and, why not, crazy. Joining the latest viral challenge, showing the day-to-day life of the office, humorously showing your products… The possibilities are endless. Imagination rules!



The oldest of all social networks still standing and showing off its strenght, not in vain, is still the one with the most users worldwide. That’s why Facebook continues to be an attractive space for companies and brands. Beyond the scope, among its strengths is its versatility, it has a multitude of services and functions, including online sales. It offers, therefore, a complete service and the possibility of reaching a target that is not so present in other networks.


All for show

The paradise of ideas. Through images, Pinterest comes to give you solutions in the most diverse areas. Highlights include decoration, cooking and styling. If you are looking for inspiration for your idea or project, this is the ideal social network for you. The largest showcase on the Internet at your disposal.


Today’s TV

Unlike other social networks, where video content is consumed in the pure fast food style, Youtube is the audiovisual delicatessen. Here people seek, more than entertainment, to learn from what they are seeing. It is the home of tutorials, which are the instruction manuals of today. Much easier to bend, by the way.


Choose your character

Owned by Amazon, Twitch is today the social network of gamers par excellence. Direct rival of Youtube to become the master of the ring, in it we can enjoy the already famous streamings of the players, with live chat and many other features that make us stay glued to the screen for hours. But not everything is gamers: we can also find virtually any type of content in video format.

If you’ve gotten this far, and you know your business needs, you’ll already know which networks will be most useful for targeting and retaining your target audience. But, if you are still adrift in the middle of so much social media and don’t know where to go, our social media management team will be able to give you the lifeline you need to achieve an effective strategy in your social channels.

Don’t go with the flow: create your own with the most appropriate social networks for your brand.


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