How to create brand value

A study by The Harvard Business Review reveals that the emotional brand-consumer connection is more relevant than customer satisfaction.


Messages with feedback

Brands send messages that are received by their consumers. In brands, as in life, a message can arrive through different media, but the most relevant thing is how that message can make an audience feel. The objective of these messages is to reach the public, making them reflect, meditate, think, raise awareness and motivate in order to lead to action, which is not always a direct purchase.



Connection with the audience

The way to connect with an audience can vary: according to experiences, messages, manifestos, or actions. However, the most important thing is not the form, but following a model that is faithful to the company’s mission and vision and that manages to be maintained over the years. In this way the reputation of the brand or company is built, and the representation of the meaning of what the brand or company IS in the public’s mind. The important thing today is to be or exist by selling a philosophy, a lifestyle and a concept and where it connects emotionally with the public.

Always and its ad Like a Girl for example reflects a powerful message that connects with stereotypes and does not sell a product, but manages to connect with the audience in a different way.

APPLE does not sell phones

Apple sells an experience, sells being different, being bilateral and out of the box thinking. It sells to be aspirational because the creator of the brand is an almost-mythical character, a visionary, a magician, and the audience is looking for that. Seek to be inspired, motivated, think outside the box.

What is Living

In such a competitive market, companies must understand that the connection is achieved on the other side. Corona, for example, under its “This is Living” concept, is launching a campaign in favor of recycling on the beaches. Where it gathers and takes the initiative to clean the beaches and everyone is invited to be part of it and live the experience in a different way. “Plastic does not belong in the ocean.”


If you manage to connect in a positive way with an audience, you will be able to maintain brand loyalty and obtain a connection engine that will not only sell a product, but also have direct spokespersons for the brand without any investment. The long-lasting company-customer bond is the one that counts. The important thing is to visualize over time, to think about how we want to be seen 10 years from now, what ideologies are supported and, based on this, what actions we should take in this regard.